Where To Find Capers in The Grocery Store?

To find capers, look in the aisle where they keep olives. Capers are the unripened buds of the caper bush that may be eaten either cooked or raw. They’re great with all kinds of foods, like salads, soups, and oysters. What’s more, these delicious spheres are also beneficial for you.

Capers have many significant health benefits that will be covered in this article. In addition, we're going to include some delicious substitutes for you to choose from too. That’s just in case capers aren't available at your local grocery store.

Since capers are pre-salted, this makes them suitable for many dishes and prevents any oversalting. When added, these little buds will give your dish a bit of tang. Now that you have learned about this Mediterranean-style bud, let’s dive deeper into our review!

A Few Benefits of Capers

Fights Inflammation

A special compound called quercetin is found in pickled capers and is used to activate proteins for healthy human brain and heart activity. To add to this, there is also evidence that it can be useful both for epilepsy and to lessen the chances of arrhythmias.


Capers have also been utilized as a medicine for ages. The research reveals that capers have several anti-cancer properties. Some studies even show some potential that it may be able to kill cancer cells or at least slow them down.

Helps Bodily Processes

Capers are usually helpful to our bodies when eaten, not just specific organs. They can directly control aspects required for processes such as heart rate, thyroid function, and the gastrointestinal tract.

Great Substitute for Capers


The olive is one of the most versatile fruits out there, making it an excellent alternative to capers. It’s flavorful, salty, and gives the perfect texture to most foods. Plus, like capers, olives are also very healthy for you.


Making fresh lemons is also a great option. It adds extra acidity and that tang that citrus is known for, which is welcome. It’s no surprise either, as capers are a lemon substitute; they go hand in hand!


Pickles are known to add a zing to salads and sandwiches while at the same time being beneficial to your health. They make a fantastic addition to any dish. They can also make a dish look a little more put together.

How To Use Capers


In general, capers are customarily matched with salmon or drenched over salads. If you’re craving a salad with protein with meats such as cooked chicken or roasted salmon, sprinkle capers over the greens and meat for some extra added flavor.

Butter Sauce

While small capers are often used for garnish, large capers offer plenty of much-needed character. If you love lemon and butter, consider mixing capers and butter to make butter sauce, which can be poured over fish or chicken.


Capers have a strong flavor and texture, making them excellent for toppings when blended. It can make for an incredible addition to toast or used to flavor certain meats as a brine. It’s also really good when used as a topping and slightly browned.


Capers are often overlooked from both a diet and health standpoint, yet they offer many surprising benefits. Plus, they can turn a humble, average dish into a truly spectacular presentation. We invite you to try this small fruit; it is an excellent snack, too, as it can be eaten raw, making it great for on-the-go situations.