Where To Find Grape Leaves In The Grocery Store?

Grape leaves are an international delicacy. Therefore, your best option is to find them in the international aisle. You can check the Mediterranean or Greek products shelves, and you’ll probably find them there. If they are not there, you should look in the deli area as some stores stock it along with hummus. You can … Read more

Where To Find Citric Acid In The Grocery Store

To find citric acid, check the baking aisle. Sometimes it’s located with other canned products. If it is not there, you should look for it in the spice aisle. Citric acid is commonly used as a preservative or flavor enhancer.Where to Find Citric Acid in Particular Grocery Stores and Other RetailersIt’s fine if you cannot … Read more

Where To Find Edamame In The Grocery Store?

If you are looking for edamame, you should visit the frozen food section of your grocery store. It is kept along with other frozen vegetable packets in the freezer. Edamame belongs to the soybean family. It is full of protein, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. Edamame is extremely good for the heart because it is free … Read more

Where To Find Flaxseeds In The Grocery Store?

Flaxseeds are generally placed in the baking aisle in the grocery stores. Sometimes flaxseeds are located in the grain aisle. If they are not there, you can always turn to the baking aisle or the organic food section. You might find them there. Some grocery stores also keep flaxseeds in bulk bins. You can get … Read more

Where To Find Maca Powder in the Grocery Store?

The first stop in your grocery store is the supplement area. You might find maca powder in capsule bottles or bags. It might also be located in the natural ingredients or health food aisle. Lastly look in baking and spice section. Where to Find Maca Powder in Particular Grocery Stores and Other Retailers?The table below lists … Read more

Where to Find Phyllo Dough In the Grocery Store?

Since phyllo dough  is a pastry, you can find it in the frozen foods section along with puff pastries and frozen lasagnas. However, if you cannot find the phyllo dough there, you should go to the aisle where they keep the international food. You’ll find it with the other Greek food. There might be a chance that … Read more