Where To Find Dates in The Grocery Store?

To find dates in the grocery store, look near the produce by the grapes. You may also find them in packages located by the nuts. Dates are small, sweet, grown on trees, used for all sorts of recipes, or eaten independently.

The looks can be a little off-putting to some, while they may appear delicious to others. You’ll need to give them a chance; they’re similar to raisins but better.

They provide many health benefits as well and can be used as a healing agent in many cases. There are also several substitutes that we’ve included, just in case you still want to try something different. We’re also going to showcase a few ways to use them.

What Are Some Benefits of Dates?

Energy Booster

Dates are rich in natural sugars, a healthy way to get a quick boost of energy. It’s a great snack to carry around to get a spike in blood sugar to get you through a meeting, test, or to skip an unhealthy lunch.

Great For The Heart

Dates contain potassium, which is essential for the heart to maintain a healthy heart rhythm. Potassium also helps to prevent those annoying muscle spasms. It’s also a great way to improve blood pressure.

Dates Improve Inflammation

Inflammation is caused by the mast cells releasing prostaglandins, histamine, and other inflammatory molecules. Dates help reduce this because they’re rich in magnesium, which is a proven mineral that reduces inflammation!

What Are Some Substitutes of Dates?

Dried Figs

Dried figs in several ways are very comparable to dates. They’re mushy, sweet, and pack a lot of flavors. Dried figs can be used in virtually the same recipes that dates are commonly used in, such as fruit cake.


Raisins have the same sweet flavor that dates have and may even be a better ingredient in some recipes due to their versatility. They’re also very healthy for you as raisins are dried grapes!

Dried Cherries

It may be a surprise that we suggest replacing dates with dried cherries; we don’t blame you. However, they make for a perfect substitute, provided the recipe calls for it.

How Can You Use Dates?

Dates Cookie Recipe

Dates are exceptional when added to cookies. Just like with chocolate chips and raisins, dates also mix great when cooked in cookies. It adds a dynamic of flavor and provides a few health benefits, which cookies are certainly not known for!

Fruit Cake

You can also add dates to fruit cake. Most fruit cakes have figs, raisins, and other tasty fruits. Dates are great and can even act as a replacement for raisins if you are allergic.


Many of the cereals meant to boost health are bland, uncolorful, and unexciting. To make your cereal fun, consider adding a few dates in. It will add a bit of fiber and will make your bowl of cereal much more flavorful!


Everyone knows that fruit normally comes with fantastic health benefits; dates are no exception. Despite not having a traditional fruit’s looks, these sweet palm fruits aren’t without their fans. 

Dates also have a great nutritional profile to consider. They boast some impressive health benefits, too, so we hope this article has encouraged you to give them a try!