Where To Find Citric Acid In The Grocery Store

To find citric acid, check the baking aisle. Sometimes it’s located with other canned products. If it is not there, you should look for it in the spice aisle. Citric acid is commonly used as a preservative or flavor enhancer.

Where to Find Citric Acid in Particular Grocery Stores and Other Retailers

It’s fine if you cannot find the citric acid in your local grocery store. Perhaps they ran out, or simply don’t stock it anymore. In any case, there are plenty of other places where you can find citric acid. Some of the options are located below:  





Various brands



Ball Citric Acid

Spice Aisle


Various brands

Baking Aisle


Various brands

Baking or Spice Aisle

Whole Foods

Own produce and other brands

Baking or Spice Aisle


Now Real Food

Baking Aisle


Various brands

Baking or Spice Aisle


Ball Citric Acid

Spice Aisle

Your Local Grocer

Various brands

Baking Aisle

What's The Flavor Profile Of Citric Acid?

Citric acid has a refreshing, tangy flavor, just like the taste of citrus fruits. It is slightly sharp in taste. It is used in several food and beverages to give a touch of tanginess.  

What Are Some Substitutes For Citric Acid?

This table list all the close alternatives of citric acid. So, if local grocery stores don't hold citric acid, don't worry; you can use any of the given substitutes to enhance the food's flavor.



Lemon juice

The sour flavor and lemon contain 3-4 grams of citric acid and a good source of vitamin C

Tartaric acid

It has a strong acidic taste so that a small amount can be substituted for citric acid.


Mildly sour and acidic in flavor

Ascorbic acid

Good preservative 

How To Cook With Citric Acid

Citric acid is now widely used for cooking purposes. It can be used to make things like cheese as it helps to maintain the acidity. You can use it to make a home-made puree by dissolving citric acid and storing it. 

Another place where citric acid will help you is in finger-licking sauces which is a popular sideline with steak. It will enhance the flavor of your steak. You also have the option of introducing citric acid in your beverages. It will give the drink its flavor. 

The substitutes mentioned above can also be used in different recipes as a replacement for citric acid. It will provide the same sourness and taste, so feel free to mix and match.