Where To Find Citric Acid In The Grocery Store

To find citric acid, check the baking aisle. Citric acid is usually used as a preservative or flavor enhancer to bring out the flavor in meals. The taste is tangy and refreshing, much like the taste of citrus fruits, such as oranges or lemons. 

It is slightly sharp in taste and is used in several foods and beverages to give a hint of tanginess. Citric acid is also very healthy for you, providing many benefits. 

There are also quite a few substitutes, so we’re going to cover three, which should hold you over until you can find some. These substitutes can also be a good alternative if you have citric acid sensitivity.

What Some Benefits of Citric Acid?

Anti-Kidney Stone

Citric acid can reduce the chances of developing kidney stones. It works by preventing the crystals from clumping together, which is the primary cause. It’s certainly not a cure, but the reduction is undoubtedly massive, making it a practical prevention method.

It Provides Energy

Citric acid creates an essential molecule in the gut named citrate. This compound is critical for specific cycles to happen, such as the Krebs cycle. Citric acid can also provide energy by boosting the production of dopamine.

Healthy Gut

Citric acid can make everything you eat more soluble, meaning you’ll absorb more nutrients. Many nutrients need fats or other things to be absorbed effectively. This is why some supplements have citric acid added to them; this way, the supplement is better absorbed.

Amazing Substitutes For Citric Acid

Lemon Juice

It should be no surprise that we’ve included lemon juice, as it also contains citric acid. Lemon juice offers an impressive amount of health benefits, such as reduced inflammation. Plus, lemon juice is delicious and can be used in various recipes, even for sauces.

Ascorbic Acid

For those looking for the “sour” aspect of citric acid, ascorbic acid will do just fine. It’s still slightly sour and offers the same health benefits. It can also be used in most of the recipes that demand lemon juice, such as marinades.

Tartaric Acid

Tartaric acid has a grape flavor, so you’ll need to switch up your recipe if you opt for this one. However, it’s still a great contender, as it’s suitable for various recipes, especially for drinks. It has a strong flavor, too, so you don’t need much.

A Few Uses of Citric Acid

Household Cleaner

Citric acid is excellent at removing residues of all kinds, such as stains, watermarks, goo, and other seemingly hard to remove substances. The acid eats away at it, making it easy to simply wipe away. It’s great for cleaning countertops, removing grime from pots and pans, and more.


Instead of using cleaners that likely contain hundreds, if not thousands, of chemicals, consider using citric acid. The acid can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungus, so it’s great to clean bathrooms, add to mop liquid, or disinfect the hands.

Acne Medicine

Citric acid can help get rid of acne, infections, and other irritating facial problems. The acid can kill the bacteria causing the acne, although you shouldn’t use too much or you may cause your skin to dry out. Perhaps use a moisturizer after applying the citric acid.


Citric acid is very popularly used in the natural medicine world, as it contains a multitude of properties that can heal or treat illnesses. Despite this, it’s still used in foods of all kinds, but even more so with cleaning. 

Although there are other cleaners out there, most of them not only have chemicals but also have strong odors and leave residue behind. Lastly, the substitutes are great for those who have illnesses such as histamine intolerance or MCAS.