Where To Find Flaxseeds In The Grocery Store?

Flaxseeds are generally placed in the baking aisle in the grocery stores. Sometimes flaxseeds are located in the grain aisle. If they are not there, you can always turn to the baking aisle or the organic food section. You might find them there. Some grocery stores also keep flaxseeds in bulk bins. You can get as much as you want from these bins. 

Flaxseeds are nutrient-rich food items. It is an excellent source of fiber, omega-3 fatty acid, and protein. Flaxseeds are generally placed in the baking aisle in the grocery stores. 

Where to Find Flaxseeds in Particular Grocery Stores and Other Retailers. You can order them online or find them from the given aisle.





Various Brands



Own produce and many other brands

Spice Aisle


Bob's Red Mill, Nutiva Organic, Food to Live, Great Value Organic

Organic Food Aisle, Online


Bob's Red Mill and Spectrum

Baking Aisle

Whole Foods

365 Everyday Value, 

Baking Aisle or Organic Food Aisle


Arrowhead Mills, Bob's Red Mill, Carrington Farms

Baking Aisle


Various Brands

Baking Aisle or Organic Food Aisle


Brand own product and multiple brands

Baking Aisle

Your Local Grocer

Various Brands

Baking Aisle

What Is The Flavor Profile Of Flaxseeds?

Flaxseed is available in two types. Brown flaxseeds and golden flaxseeds. They are nutty and toasty in flavor. Brown flaxseeds have a slightly more robust flavor than the golden ones. Both types have similar nutrition benefits. Due to its nutty flavor, it can be enjoyed with both sweet and savory food items. 

What Are Some Substitutions For Flaxseeds?

Are flaxseeds out of stock in grocery stores? No problem, you can try any of the following substitutes to make your food delicious. Other healthy options are Chia seeds, hemp seeds, almond flour, and wheat germ that can replace flax seeds.



Chia Seeds

Excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acid and fiber

Hemp seeds

Good source of Amino acids, Omega-3, and protein.

Almond Flour

The rich content of Protein and Fiber

Wheat Germ

Nutty flavor, nutritional values are similar to flaxseeds.

How To Cook With Flaxseeds?

There are several ways to include flaxseeds in your regular diet. If you are health conscious and prefer breakfast full of nutrients, sprinkle flaxseeds over cereal or muesli. Or you can try adding flaxseeds in the morning smoothie to boost up your metabolism.

You can also make energy balls with dates, nuts, and grounded flaxseeds and coat them in melted chocolate. Flaxseeds go well with salads.

It gives it a unique taste. You can bake with flaxseeds as they are an ideal component. You can bake muffins, cupcakes, banana bread, and cookies. Another way to use flex seeds is by making a smoothie. Its nutty flavor blends well and is not too overpowering. You can also add it to your meat, tacos and anything you want.