Where To Find Madeira Wine In Grocery Stores

To find Madeira wine in grocery stores, look near the alcoholic beverage section. You’ll likely find the wine placed in the aisle, along with the other choices available. Madeira wine is fortified, which means it has been fermented and has had distilled spirits added to it. 

This makes for a very smooth and punchy taste that’s hard to rival. There are a few different kinds of Madeira wine, so the taste will differ by which type you opt to buy. Madeira wine has several uses other than drinking it, and it offers many health benefits, too. 

Madeira wine originates from the Portuguese Madeira Islands just off the coast of Africa. The wine originally came about due to a poor ability to keep wine cool in the hot area. 

This resulted in the wine needing to be fortified; this way, it would not spoil from the high temperatures. Now that we know where to find Madeira wine in the grocery store let’s look at why this wine is one of the best.

Amazing Uses Of Madeira Wine

Madeira Sauce

Madeira wine can make for a delicious tasting dipping sauce. You mix it into a base of your choice, although thicker bases make for better sauces. The ingredients are commonly mushrooms and peppercorns tossed into a frying pan and seared with the wine right before adding in the base. After you mix it all together, simmer on low for up to five minutes.

Filet Mignon

Filet mignons are astonishingly tender and high-quality. They deserve a wine that’s just as good tasting as the food it will be cooked with. You’ll want to place the steak in the pan, sear until cooked, then place the steak to the side. Then, put just a splash of Madeira into the pan and stir to remove the glaze in the pan, followed by the addition of a tasty broth, producing fantastic tasting Madeira filets.

French Onion Soup

French onion soup is a very underrated food commonly paired with wine, and yet it harmonizes well together when cooked with Madeira. The best way you can approach this is by searing the onions with Madeira, followed by supplementing just a splash of the wine into the broth. Placing the final product into the oven will result in an incredible tasting soup with the distinct hint of Madeira.

Great Substitutes For Madeira Wine

Marsala Wine

Marsala, like Madeira, is also a fortified wine and acts as a great substitute. Marsala comes in a few different kinds, most notably, dry and sweet marsala. Sweet marsala is most commonly used in dessert dishes, while the dry marsala is best utilized for more savory dishes such as pan-seared cod or filet mignon with mushrooms added in.

Port Wine

One of the best substitutes is port wine, which has a very similar taste to Madeira. To get a similar taste to Madeira, go for a dry type, such as aged white port. Port wine is made in a very similar way as Madeira wine is, as it’s fortified with grape brandy. Now that you know where to find Madeira wine in grocery stores, the port wine should be sitting right near it.

Sherry Wine

Sherry wine is a very versatile wine used for cooking that also makes for a glass of smooth drinking wine. Sherry wine is best reserved for savory dishes such as chicken stir-fries, short ribs, and lobster. Sherry wine is another fortified wine, featuring a mildly acidic taste. It comes in several types, like fino, dry, and cream, making it a great all-around wine for cooking.

Madeira Has Many Health Benefits

Madeira Is Full Of Antioxidants!

Wine, in general, is very good for your overall health when consumed in moderation. According to Mayo Clinic, wine helps reduce the number of free radicals that are produced. Free radicals are unstable molecules known to damage cells in our bodies and cause oxidative stress.

It’s Great For Your Heart

Wine is excellent for keeping our heart healthy. It’s able to assist in heart health by slowing or preventing damage to your blood vessels. It also increases the number of good cholesterol while keeping the bad cholesterol at bay.

It Slows Aging 

Wine has an ingredient named “resveratrol,” which is a proven ingredient that helps reduce the effects of aging. It can do this by protecting our neurons, which allows the slowdown of the aging process. Plus, wine helps inflammation, especially in the brain!


Now that you’ve found where to find Madeira in the grocery store, you can start enjoying its delicate taste by drinking or cooking with it. It’s used as a primary choice for cooking for a reason, which is due to its incredible taste and versatility. The health benefits of Madeira alone make this wine a worthwhile addition to your wine cooler.