Where To Find Grape Leaves In The Grocery Store?

Grape leaves are an international delicacy. Therefore, your best option is to find them in the international aisle. You can check the Mediterranean or Greek products shelves, and you'll probably find them there. If they are not there, you should look in the deli area as some stores stock it along with hummus. You can also check the condiment and canned goods aisle.

Some stores prefer to keep the grape leaves on the same isle as olives and pickled foods. So make sure you check in those places. If you are still unlucky, try asking an associate for help. They’ll locate it for you. 

Where to Find Grape Leaves in Particular Grocery Stores and Other Retailers

The table below highlights the list of retailers who stock Grape Leaves. It also shows where you can find them: 


Brand of Grape Leaves



Several brands such as Cortas and Krinos

Online store


Several brands

International Aisle

Whole Foods

Peloponnese and Divina

International Aisle


Several brands such as Divina, Peloponnese, Reese, and Krinos

International Aisle



Pickled goods area



International Aisle


Krinos, Yergat and Peloponnese

International Aisle

Local Health Food Store

Several brands

International Aisle

What Is The Flavor Profile of Grape Leaves?

They are usually available mid-summer through early winter. They are tender and medium to large. Grape leaves have a light, citrusy, green and tangy taste. Their purpose is to serve as a vessel or a textural component. The leaves also act as a sponge.

Once you cook the leaves, they will absorb the flavors of the ingredients they are cooked in. Throughout history, grape leaves have been used across the world to wrap meat and rice dishes. 

What Are Some Popular Grape Leaves Substitutes?

If you cannot find grape leaves in your local grocery store or even online, there is no need to worry. There are always substitutes that you can use. 

Grape Leaves Substitutes

Why they work

Oak leaves

It contains a good amount of tannin

Bay leaves

Easy to find. You can add 2-4 bay leaves per quart to get the crunchiness 

Black leaves

Contains tannin. It is perfect if you are aiming for a lacto-fermented pickle recipe. 

Chard leaves

You can use it for making dolmas.

Canned grape leaves

They can be substituted for fresh ones.

How To Cook With Grape Leaves?

There are several dishes you can make with the help of grape leaves. For starters, Dolmas is a popular dish in which grape leaves are stuffed with ingredients, which usually include rice and veggies. You can experiment with sea-food dishes and grape leaves.

For instance, you can cook bluefish with grape leaves. Other popular dishes include stuffed grape leaves with pork and fregola. In short, you can use grape leaves with all kinds of ingredients.

You can also prepare sweet dishes from it, such as Turkish stuffed grape leaves. By adding raisins and dry fruits, it gives a mix of savory and sweet flavors.