Where To Find Phyllo Dough at The Grocery Store?

To find phyllo dough, look near the flour or in the freezer aisle. Phyllo dough is paper-thin and is common in Mediterranean dishes, making for incredible tasting flaky layers. This adds an interesting texture to everything it’s paired with, even if it’s pre-made.

This dough has not been as popular as other kinds of dough until recently. It’s seemingly embraced in every blog around, so we knew we had to cover it.

It’s not only great for food, though. It also brings a few health benefits to the table. Plus, there are plenty of substitutes available, just in case phyllo dough proves hard to find. Let’s learn a little more about this exotic dough and what it can offer you.

A Few Benefits of Phyllo Dough

Helps Low Blood Pressure

Sodium keeps your body hydrated by allowing your body to maintain higher blood volume. This can help those who suffer from POTS or other low blood pressure problems. Phyllo dough contains 130 milligrams of sodium per serving.

Provides Energy

A single serving of phyllo dough contains up to 12 grams of total carbs and just under 1 gram of dietary fiber. However, white flour, which is the main ingredient in phyllo dough, has less fiber than whole grains due to the loss of nutrients during processing.

Low in Fat

Just one ounce serving of phyllo dough contains 1.2 grams of fat or less than 4 percent of DV and less than 1 gram of saturated fat.

Great Substitutes of Phyllo Dough

Biscuit Dough

Biscuit dough can act double duty as a flaky crust that can match phyllo dough’s layered characteristics. The solution to creating fluffy biscuits is handling the dough strategically. When you make the dough, use all the cold ingredients and freeze your phyllo dough for about 15 minutes before rolling to make phyllo dough.

Pie Crust

You can never imitate the aroma of baked phyllo dough with pie crust, but you can give your pie crust recipe a crisp surface by putting butter in pieces and rolling it and the dough together. This is used to make a puff “pie crust” version of phyllo dough.

Croissant Dough

Croissant dough is a great substitute. It gets puffed and gives you the same results as phyllo dough. Place in your favorite innards and wrap it with croissant dough before baking.

How To Use Phyllo Dough

Falafel Pie

Falafel pie is a pie that will make you wonder if you’ve been hiding under a rock or not. It’s super-rich in flavor and isn’t as unhealthy as many other pies. This pie filling is healthy and very easy to make. It’s a great way to get your veggies in.

Baklava Pie

While it is quite tasty, it is tedious to make baklava at home as there are many ingredients needed to make it. Despite this, it’s entirely worth it if you can pull it off. Plus, it’s a great alternative to eating any sugary and unhealthy pies like pecan pie.

Buffalo Chicken Rolls

Buffalo chicken is incredible, especially when wrapped in a flaky, portable package, such as in phyllo dough. This is undoubtedly one of the favorites among phyllo enthusiasts. Plus, they’re effortless to put together!


Phyllo dough is not as famous as many other dough types, or at least not until recently. The chances of finding different kinds of dough that can match the versatility of phyllo dough are undoubtedly difficult. It can be used with peanut butter, beef, and more. It truly is a wonder in the recipe world! A way to get started is by using it as a stuffed wrap, as a bottom layer, or as added into a pie, but we’ll let you decide that!