Where to Find Phyllo Dough In the Grocery Store?

To find phyllo dough, look in the frozen foods section where the puff pastries and lasagnas are located. Phyllo dough is a paste that is made up of layered sheets of thin dough. Once it’s been cooked, it becomes flaky, crisp, and dense. 

This delicious dough is excellent for all kinds of food and is best used as a “bowl” or “stuffer.” A cool fact about phyllo dough is that it’s free of any unhealthy trans fat

Furthermore, it even offers a few surprising health benefits. Phyllo dough has quite a few uses, so we’re going to cover several delicious ways to use it. You’ll also learn of a few substitutes that can be a solid alternative if needed.

The Benefits of Phyllo Dough

Great For Bones

Phyllo dough has up to 11mg of calcium per serving. It’s not going to replace calcium supplements, but it can still make a difference. Calcium is essential for the proper growth and maintenance of healthy, strong bones; this isn’t possible without calcium.

It’s Great For Heart Health

Iron is found in phyllo dough, which contains up to 18% of our daily value. Iron is an essential building element for the production of red blood cells. Phyllo dough also contains potassium, which is critical to maintaining a proper heart rhythm. 

You’ll Become Energized

To have energy, we need to eat numerous carbs each day. Phyllo dough has up to 20% of the suggested daily value, making it a great source of healthy energy! The best part is that they’re healthy carbs, not taken from trans fat like most others are.

What Are Some Substitutes For Phyllo Dough?

Puff Pastry Squares

The closest substitute is puff pastry squares, as they have much of the same texture that is common with baked phyllo dough. Puff pastry squares are a little flakier, though. The taste is similar and acts as a great alternative.

Flaky Biscuits

Many biscuits have butter added which is great as it helps to match the taste of phyllo dough. You may consider overcooking them to get a more comparable texture to phyllo dough, as the inner layers of the biscuits will be softer than phyllo dough!

Pastry Wrappers

Pastry wrappers have a very close texture to phyllo dough, so this may be your best bet. They can be used in practically just about any way phyllo dough is utilized. They’re also straightforward to cook and have a remarkably similar texture to that of phyllo dough!

Ways To Use Phyllo Dough

Apple Strudel

Apple strudels are an American classic and are sold by the millions daily. They’re pretty easy to create and require basic ingredients. The apple strudel can be put together for breakfast, as a snack for work, or even as a dessert after supper; yum!

Chocolate Baklava

For those of you who love chocolate, we’ve got a sweet treat for you: Chocolate baklava! This tasty dessert is simple to make and is comparable to a cookie/pie combination. The flakiness of the chocolate dessert is calling your name, do you hear it?


Phyllo dough makes for the perfect burrito wrap because it doesn’t take away from the ingredients’ taste inside the wrap. By adding ground beef with a Spanish twist, a few mild peppers, and sauce, it’ll leave your mouth watering for more.


Phyllo dough is not very easy to use, especially for home cooks. Using a sharp knife to cut through the pastry sheets helps keep the dough intact. It is a unique pastry that will give you a crisp and flaky pocket for your food. 

At the same time, it demands loads of butter, which is what gives it that taste. The crispy texture adds another level of flavor to the food, which is hard to match. A bonus tip is to consider honey butter, which can add a bit of sweetness.