Where to Find Phyllo Dough In the Grocery Store?

Since phyllo dough  is a pastry, you can find it in the frozen foods section along with puff pastries and frozen lasagnas. 

However, if you cannot find the phyllo dough there, you should go to the aisle where they keep the international food. You'll find it with the other Greek food. 

There might be a chance that the search produces nothing. If that is the case, you should ask for assistance from the sales associate. Perhaps you should drop by one of the retailers given below. 

Where to Find Phyllo Dough in Particular Grocery Stores and Other Retailers

The table below highlights the list of retailers that sell phyllo dough. The table also tells you where you can find the phyllo dough:


Brand of phyllo dough



Athens Dough & The Fillo Factor


Whole Foods Market

The Fillo Factory



Athens Dough

Aisle 10


Various brands

Frozen foods aisle


Athens  Dough

Frozen Desserts aisle/Aisle 13


The Frozen Factory & Athens

Frozen Pastry Dough aisle

Your Local Grocer

Various brands, Athens Dough, is likely

Frozen Pastry Dough Aisle/Frozen Desserts Aisle

Flavor Profile of Phyllo Dough

If you want to taste something buttery, which is not butter, you should try the phyllo dough. It is a unique pastry that will give you a crisp and flaky pocket for your food. At the same time, it demands loads of butter, which is what gives it that taste. The crispy texture adds another level of flavor to the food. 

Popular Phyllo Dough Substitutes

If you are unable to locate phyllo dough, either in your local grocery store or online, there are some alternatives you can use. The most popular one is the puff pastry. Other options include strudel dough or other pastry wrappers such as turnovers. 

Phyllo Dough Alternatives

Why They Work

Puff pastry

If you want to get a flaky pastry, puff pastry will do the trick. 

Strudel dough

Thin dough, just like phyllo dough with layers stacked upon each other. Additionally, both are made from wheat flour, salt, and water. Both require butter

Pastry wrappers

The texture is hard, which gives it a crispy appearance once it is baked. It is also effortless to bake.

Baking with Phyllo Dough

Phyllo Dough is paper-thin, and this causes the pastry to dry out in a short time. The only way it can be used is if you apply butter thoroughly. Every single layer of the phyllo requires butter.

It is used to make Greek and Middle Eastern dishes such as Baklava. Phyllo dough is not very easy to use, especially for home cooks. Using a sharp knife to cut through the pastry sheets helps keep the dough intact.