Where To Find Prepared Horseradish In Grocery Store?

To find prepared horseradish, look near the condiments such as the mayonnaise; it may also be near the jarred pickles in some stores. Horseradish is composed of the root of the horseradish plant, a perennial plant, meaning it can live and be cultivated for more than two years.

The horseradish root is also in the same family as mustard. There are several ways to use this classic American side. It’s one of the most versatile condiments out there, without a doubt — a truly multi-purpose spice.

Horseradish also brings numerous health benefits to the table, such as anti-inflammatory! If the spicy condiment is too much for you, though, we’re going to feature a few great substitutes, also, so let’s get right into it.

What Are Some Health Benefits Of Horseradish?


Who knew that the classic American condiment could also help fight inflammation too? Horseradish contains a high amount of sinigrin, which has proven its effectiveness in battling inflammation time and time again in various studies. It works by blocking the molecules’ release that causes inflammation, stopping it before it even starts.


Horseradish is also capable of fighting cancer. While it’s certainly no cure, it’s been proven to have a positive impact nonetheless. Horseradish is high in antioxidants, which promote cancerous cells’ death and rids the body of free molecules. Furthermore, both glucosinolates and isothiocyanates inhibit the growth of cancerous cells!

Natural Antibiotic

Horseradish contains properties that can fight infection, in particular, upper respiratory infections. The spicy condiment weakens sinus infections, bronchitis, and more. Most notably, supplements that contain highly concentrated amounts work best. This is an incredible example of what natural medicine can indeed do for our bodies.

What Are Some Substitutes For Horseradish?

Spicy Brown Mustard

Mustard comes from the same class as horseradish, and although it’s much different in texture, it’s a pretty decent substitute. Spicy brown mustard gets its unique taste because it’s sourced from the seed and not the root like horseradish is. The color is very similar, though, so while it may not be ideal for everyone, it generally works great!


There are various kinds of wasabi, namely genuine wasabi and the type made from horseradish. Either are excellent substitutes, but they may not be quite as spicy as horseradish. Wasabi is a bright green color and originates from Japan, with much of it being imported to other countries. It has a very thick and almost pasty texture but is otherwise virtually the same as horseradish.

Black Radishes

Black radish is made from the large horseradish plants, which are, of course, black. They’re virtually the same in texture. The taste is similar, with just a tad less spice. It can be used in the same ways as regular horseradish, making it an excellent substitute if you can’t get your hands on conventional horseradish in time for what you need it for.

How Can You Use Horseradish?

Hot dogs

The American classic, hot dogs, meet another classic: horseradish. The two honestly go hand in hand. Horseradish provides the perfect smooth heat and texture to any hot dog. Simply prepare the hot dog first, spread the horseradish throughout, and enjoy. A bit of diced pickles, mustard, and ketchup make for a terrific meal for everyone; best of all, done with relative ease!

Beef Tenderloin

Horseradish likely isn’t the first thing you think of when preparing a beef tenderloin. Yet, it adds a unique taste to this tender cut of beef. Just before you place the tenderloin in the oven, spread some horseradish over the top. After it's cooked, you'll enjoy perfectly caramelized horseradish that has the ideal amount of spice.

Stir Fry

Stir fry is a very versatile dish, to begin with. You can use chicken, beef, or pork, to name a few. Almost any meat or vegetable you desire will work. Most notably, beef stir fry goes particularly great with horseradish. It’s best to add the horseradish in just before the beef has finished cooking. Let it simmer for around fifteen minutes. This will give it time to fully caramelize and become savory.


Horseradish is one of the most noteworthy American classics out there, for sure. It’s a versatile and straightforward condiment that has the capability of turning around any dish or making it even more outstanding than it already is.

Prepared horseradish is excellent for large gatherings, such as cook-outs, birthdays, or family dinners. The condiment is a must-have for any home.

There aren’t many condiments out there that can step up to the plate like horseradish. The health benefits by themselves make horseradish a winner alone, not to mention the great taste!