Where to find red pepper jelly in the grocery store?

To find Red Pepper Jelly, look in or around the jelly aisle. Because of its gentle, sweet fire, hot pepper jelly is a favorite among spicy food fans. What, on the other hand, would you do with sweet pepper jelly? What are any creative ways to use it in your meals and snacks? 

A healthy PB&J is a kid's favorite, but the delicious nuttiness doesn't go unnoticed by adults! Replace your sweet jelly with spicy pepper jelly to make a whole different dining experience. It's nostalgia with a blow in the pants. 

Serve this jelly with cream cheese and crackers of your preference. This Easy Red Pepper Jelly is perfectly sweet with only a hint of heat, thanks to fresh red peppers, green pepper, and jalapeno!

A Few Benefits of Red Pepper Jelly

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, in addition to being an effective antioxidant, aids iron absorption. For optimum absorption, combine red peppers with your iron supply if you are iron deficient.


Sweet red peppers have been shown to cause thermogenesis and increase metabolic rate in recent studies. Capsaicin, the compound that keeps peppers sticky and allows humans to sweat, is absent from red bell peppers. However, they have a slight thermogenic effect that boosts your metabolism without raising your heart rate or blood pressure, as hot peppers do.


The antioxidant potential of the red bell pepper is enhanced by the combined effects of vitamins A and C. When lycopene is included; the red bell pepper becomes a top-notch superfood. Tomatoes and peppers are red because of lycopene. Red peppers are rich in lycopene; a phytonutrient found to help reduce cancers such as prostate and lung cancer.

Great Substitutes For Red Pepper Jelly

Grape Jelly

Grape jelly may be the first thing that comes to mind when considering red currant jelly alternatives. It's the perfect red currant jelly replacement. What is the reason for this? Since they have a palate that is quite close to one another. Furthermore, the way these two are used in foods is the same. Anything that calls for red currant sauce may be substituted for grape jelly. There are many debates on these two fruits' flexibility. Some argue that grape jelly is more complex, whereas others argue that the reverse is valid. We don't know which side is correct, but grape jelly might have an advantage over its competitor since it comes in two ways. One of them is the famous Concord grape jelly, which can be found in almost every home or grocery store. The other kind of grape jelly, muscadine grape jelly, is less common.

Cranberry Sauce

The red currant jelly in the United Kingdom is replaced with cranberry sauce in the United States. The cranberry sauce is produced from the berries of a North American evergreen shrub.Some claim that when used to glaze roast lamb, this sauce tastes stronger than red currant sauce. Is this correct? We're not certain. Despite this, many people believe it is a sacred aspect of the Thanksgiving meal.

Apple Jelly

If you don't have grape jelly, apple jelly may be substituted for red currant jelly. Apples are a popular fruit that can be sold in virtually every supermarket or grocery store. Everything you have to do now is cut those apples into tiny slices and obey the instructions above to make jellies (remember to add a little lemon juice for tartness). In roast beef, ham, bacon, and bacon, apple jelly should be used instead of red currant jelly. It may also be sprinkled on bread or used to fill the insides of cakes.

How To Use Red Pepper Jelly

Sweet jelly

A healthy PB&J is a kid's favorite, but the delicious nuttiness doesn't go unnoticed by adults! Replace your hot jelly with sweet jelly to make a whole different dining experience. It's nostalgia with a blow in the pants.

Vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream is delicious on its own, but it's still the ideal basis for experimenting with different ice cream toppings. The combination of sun, sweetness, mellow vanilla, and cold is the stuff of dreams.


Hot pepper jelly goes excellent with about every meal that calls for (or may have) a glaze. It's a simple way to spice up a meal that would otherwise be bland. Pork is still the easy option, but salmon is often tasty. And the steak with sweet pepper jelly glaze is pleasantly delicious.


As you can see, there are a variety of unexpected hot pepper jelly applications that can turn a traditional dish into something genuinely new. Since the heat level of these jellies is minimal, almost everybody in the family will enjoy them. So, the next time you want to add a little kick to your dinner, change to spicy pepper jelly. It's a remarkably versatile and cost-effective approach. In our opinion, it's a must-have in the pantry.