Where To Find Rock Salt in The Grocery Store?

To find Rock salt, look near the table salt in your grocery store. Rock salt is a term for sodium chloride and named NaCl. It’s mostly colorless, sometimes even white. 

However, its color can also be light colors, depending on the total amount and type of impurities it contains. 

The evaporation of salty water forms it in semi-arid regions through large reservoirs, such as dry lake beds. The entire subcontinent of India is located entirely in the Himalayan region known for its Himalayan Crystal Salt.

A Few Benefits of Rock Salt

Circulatory and Anti-Cancer Benefits

Salt improves circulatory health by allowing smooth blood circulation throughout the body. This helps keep our entire system well-oxygenated. Moreover, according to researchers, salt is also a critical element in protecting against cancer.

Maintaining Blood Sugar

Rock salt can help reduce the need for insulin by helping to maintain sugar levels in the body. Whether you already have diabetes or simply may be at risk for it, salt is a vital part of the diet.

Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

When taken with saltwater, it can also help reduce high cholesterol and high blood pressure levels, which helps with irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia. Rock salt can help prevent

everything from atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke.

Great Substitute of Rock Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt

This large-grained salt is made much in the same way as rock salt. The crystals themselves are usually larger in the most common versions of this salt. They are similar in size to Kosher salt crystals. Like kosher salt, the primary flavor is what you would expect from any salt.

Table Salt

Table salt is also another excellent substitute for rock salt, and while it contains iodine and other additives, it’s still overall similar to rock salt. The crystals are very well-defined, which means you have to use less than the amount you need for rock salt in your recipe.

Maldon Sea Salt

Maldon sea salt is harvested with seawater. Rock salt is salt deposits in the earth. Maldon sea salt has larger crystals than most sea salt. The result is sea salt that looks similar to kosher salt and can work in many dishes that call for extreme salt.

How To Use Rock Salt

Seasoned Coating

The idea of cooking with stone salt is to coat the food entirely while cooking it. Salt forms a crust that will trap moisture as the food cooks. It will also give an evenly distributed salty taste.

For The Finishing Touch

Despite the crystals being much larger in rock salt, there is something to be said about its visuals. It doesn’t dissolve instantly like table salt, so that you can get a much better effect from it. What’s more, you’ll have a satisfying crunch that wouldn’t be present otherwise.

Ice Cream

Yes, believe it or not, rock salt can be used to help make your ice cream. It works better than even regular table salt. The famous “ice cream in a bag” recipe calls for this, which you can find pretty easily.


Rock salt isn’t as commonly used as regular table salt, but it still has its niche uses. A prevalent use for rock salt is to de-ice driveways, but it is also used for the ice-cream, as mentioned earlier, having an opposite effect. If you’re looking for a change in taste, rock salt may be precisely what you’re looking for.