Where Is Simple Syrup in The Grocery Store?

To find simple syrup, look in the alcohol aisle; it will be near the wine. Speaking of wine, simple syrup goes great with it and many other alcoholic drinks. It’s also commonly used to top off cocktails such as Mojitos.

Simple syrup can also be used in drinks like coffee because it delivers a sweet yet robust taste that adds many flavors. It’s a must-have if you regularly find drinks bland.

The flavorful syrup also provides a few benefits to take note of. Plus, we’ve covered a few substitutes just in case the syrup proves challenging to locate. Furthermore, you’re going to discover great ways to use simple syrup.

What Are Some Benefits of Simple Syrup?

Provides Energy

Simple syrup has roughly 14g of carb per serving. This isn’t anything to shout home about, but if added to a cocktail or wine, you can add a few extra carbs needed to get you through the fun.

Helps Low Blood Sugar

Simple syrup also contains up to 15g of sugar per serving. This is the perfect amount to give you that small blood sugar spike you need while enjoying a glass of fine wine.

Low Calories

Most syrups that are used in wines and cocktails have up to a hundred or more calories. Simple syrup only has 50 calories per serving, making it a great low-calorie option!

What Are Some Substitutes of Simple Syrup?


Although honey may not mix well with drinks super high in alcohol, it pairs well with ones a little lower in alcohol content. It is going to provide a distinctly sweet flavor, though, so try to experiment!

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is an excellent replacement for simple syrup as maple syrup is super versatile to the pallet. Some people like to use it in coffee, and others prefer to add it to tea.

Agave Syrup

This syrup isn’t as popular as the others, but it’s starting to trend in bars throughout the states. It’s a great syrup to use in cocktails and other light alcoholic drinks!

How Can You Use Simple Syrup?

Sweet Tea

Many sweet tea enthusiasts swear by simple syrup. They say it gives the tea a much more balanced sweetness than sugar alone. This has the potential to provide you with the perfect southern sweet tea, which is great to serve at parties or large gatherings!

Iced Coffee

If you need a quick and sweet pick-me-up, on the other hand, simple syrup may also have what you’re looking for here. It’s ideal for the cold version of this energizing drink since it dissolves much better than sugar.


Finally, simple syrup is a little known weapon at the baker’s disposal. It’s said to keep cakes and other baked goods fresh, restoring any moisture lost through the baking process. This is especially useful as a moist glaze during the decorating process.


Simple syrup is a must-have for a variety of beverages. Compared to plain white sugar, a little bit goes a long way. This allows you to use less overall and potentially save money. 

If you’re a big coffee enthusiast, a frequent tea drinker, or even a baker, we highly recommend it. It’s easy to find, too, so add a little sweetness to your life today.