Where To Find Sriracha Sauce In The Grocery Store?

To find sriracha sauce in the grocery store, look in the aisle where the condiments are located, such as ketchup and mustard. This spicy sauce has skyrocketed in popularity due to its phenomenal taste and the perfect amount of heat. It’s one of the popular hot sauce competitors.

Several brands are available, each with its unique flavor; some sweeter, while others can be significantly hotter. They’re not all fiery hot, though. Many of them can be added to meals just to add a little zest and flavor.

Yet, sriracha sauce can be used in so many different ways. Plus, the unique sauce has health benefits to offer, some of which are pretty extraordinary. If it’s too spicy for you, however, we’re also going to cover a few substitutes—for sweet tooths and the more courageous.


It Makes You Happy

Sriracha can make you happier, thanks to its high amount of capsaicin. This incredible ingredient is known to increase the number of endorphins in our body overall, resulting in an uplifting effect. It also increases the measure of dopamine in our brain by feeding the very cells that create it. The taste of sriracha alone might be enough for those who really love it, though!

Promotes Weight Loss

Capsaicin can also boost our metabolism. It works by slowing our appetite and helping our cells burn fat at a much faster rate. Slow metabolisms are a big reason why being overweight is so common. A tiny amount of sriracha per day can help burn the fat away! Being serious, it truly does help burn fat; it’s used in several supplements for this very purpose.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Capsaicin is an anti-inflammatory and helps lower blood pressure by fighting whole-body inflammation. It can also lower bad cholesterol and helps keep the body healthy by allowing our body to produce more healthy red blood cells. Garlic, a common ingredient in sriracha, also offers the same benefits.


Buffalo Sauce

Buffalo sauce, while not exactly the most adventurous choice out there, is excellent if you’d prefer something a bit milder in taste. It’s made by mixing mild hot sauce and butter. This recipe creates a savory and mild sauce that’s particularly good on chicken, pork, or vegetable dishes.

Louisiana Hot Sauce

The legendary Louisiana hot sauce needs no introduction; it is on almost every diner table in America. It’s considerably hotter than typical sriracha. It lacks some of the sweetness found in sriracha, however. With that said, it’s great if you want to add some serious heat to your meal.

Tapatio Hot Sauce

Tapatio hot sauce is often used on many dishes in place of sriracha because of its similarities, especially in Mexican cuisine. It has a thick texture, so it’s perfect for a dip as well. It often goes great with ribs, chicken wings, and as a topping for stir fry. The SHU of Tapatio is a little lower than sriracha, so it’s quite palatable for most people.


Dipping Sauce

Sriracha is a very versatile sauce and tastes excellent when used as a dip. A favorite among the most serious sriracha fanatics is by dipping fish fries into the spicy sauce. It’s also exceptional when mixed with ranch, creating a very savory mix great for dipping chicken into. Mozzarella sticks are another amazing snack to dip into sriracha!

Stir Fry

Stir fry is great when a little heat is added, which helps bring together each ingredient. However, most hot sauces do not contain enough rich flavor to bring together the dish. Sriracha does an excellent job of this, especially if you’re keen on Spanish food, notably Pisto, a delicious favorite in Spain.

Condiment Topping

Sriracha is more than capable of being used as a main ingredient versus only a topping sauce, though it can certainly be used as both, owing to its versatility. It can top off a bland dish of spaghetti by providing an instant kick of flavor; and yet is also delectable when added to eggs or pizza to create a risqué meal.


There are many hot sauces available on the market. Most of them are simple and tasteful. Sriracha, however, is full of rich chile flavor, making for an incredibly delicious addition to most foods. There is a reason why it’s one of the most sold sauces in the states.

A bonus tip is to mix the sriracha with buffalo sauce, as it takes away some heat but makes for a delicious combination—consider it our little secret. Finally, try out a few different brands. Some are seasoned to be mild or smokey in flavor, while other brands are made for the most fearless!